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New 2020

The following new varieties will be available and can be reserved.
Les nouvelles espèces suivantes seront disponibles et peuvent être réservées.
Die folgenden neuen Arten werden verfügbar sein und können reserviert werden.
De volgende nieuwe soorten zullen beschikbaar zijn en kunnen gereserveerd worden.
Chusquea culeou 'Vilches Alto' (picture left) In 2008 Ned Jaquith send me some Chusquea seeds that were collected from the wild by Mike Remmick in Vilches Alto, Chile (central Chile, high elevation). Two seedlings survived for a long time in a pot but they didn’t look very healthy. I planted one of them out and it recovered, surviving some not very cold winters. Now this wonderful bamboo with purple culms, even in the shade, attracts attention of many visitors. I had lost the collecting information about this seedling but now, thanks to Noah Bell, I have got it back and even have a name.
Available July: 5 liter 95 euro.
Fargesia demissa ASA1820SHAA-2 (Stéphane) (picture right) We don't know much about this Fargesia. Anyway it will a dwarf and it is a Fargesia demissa. For people who want to discouver. Available June: 2 liter 65 euro
Fargesia murieliae ‘Masaai’ (picture left) Strong and upright growing selection. Available: 10 liter 45 euro.
Fargesia nitida ASA 1120 SHAA–3b sp. Fopey (Stéphane) (picture right) Very handsome and colorfull Fargesia with small leaves. Grows well in full sun and can become around 2 meters tall. Available: 5 liter 75 euro
Fargesia nitida ASA 1620 fus – 5 (Stéphane) (picture left) Available: 5 liter 75 euro
Fargesia nivalis (picture right) Yushania velutina now seems to belong to the Fargesia group. This bamboo with the most delicate leaves seemed not very hardy in mine and other gardens because even in a moderate winter it sheds its leaves. Many Yushania are limited in hardiness the same way. But the Chinese named the same plant Fargesia nivalis, which implies that this Fargesia likes snow. Now we know it is only deciduous because this supports its hardiness. Also it is very sun and warmth tolerant. This altogether opens new perspectives for this very beautiful and unusual Fargesia in both colder and warmer climates. Available June 5 liter: 85 euro
Fargesia obliqua (Stéphane) (picture left) This new species has good wintergreen features. Promising. Available: 5 liter 75 euro
Fargesia qinlingensis (Stéphane 1) (picture right) Available: 5 liter 75 euro
Fargesia robusta ASA 1220 SHAA-1 (Stéphane) (picture left) Simillar to 'Campbell' but smaller. Collected at high elevation and probably more hardy than ''Campbell''. This robusta was found in the area where only F. nitida was growing. Available: July, 5 liter 95 euro
Fargesia scabrida 'Silver Dragon' (photo above right) The first leaves in the spring are variegatet what lighs up the plant. Available: 5 liter 85 euro
Phyllostachys aureosulcata 'Blackfire' (picture left) Maybe this is the most interesting new Phyllostachys. It is still under observation but till now the new yellow culms (like Phyllostachys aureosulcata ‘Aureocaulis’) change from yellow into a dark black brown, leaving the sulcus yellow. If this bamboo can repeat its metamorphosis continuously it will earn its place in the hall of fame, but more about this new cultivar will be known in 2020. That is why it is maybe available June 2020
Phyllostachys bambusoides (picture right Prafrance) One of the biggest timber bamboos in Europe. Available: 5 liter 45 euro
Phyllostachys bambusoides 'Holochrysa' (picture left) For me it is new. Available: 5 liter 45 euro
Phyllostachys bambusoides ‘Lacrima-deae’ (picture right) A more hardy Ph. bambusoides form with a beautiful black and green contrast. Available: 5 liter 55 euro
Phyllostachys bambusoides'Mixta' (picture left) The sulcus is yellow and the green has some brown spots. Available: 5 liter 75 euro
Phyllostachys edulis ‘Mixta’ (picture right) This is supposed to be a more hardy, sturdy seedling. Available in June: 5 liter 75 euro
Phyllostachys dulcis (picture left) This tall growing species is used in China for ist early edible shoots.Available: 5 liter 45 euro
Phyllostachys iridescens 'Heterochroma' (picture right) This recently discovered Chinese bamboo imported into Europe can produce canes with unpredictable colors. Sometimes this chameleon is green or striped, many times yellow and also yellow with a green sulcus is possible.. Some leaves has variegation. Hardyness and size like Ph. iridescens. Available in June 2020 5 liter 85 euro
Phyllostachys nigra 'Kiyoshi' (picture left, Noah Bell) Bizarre plant from Noah Bell, 'Bamboo Garden'. The leaves are fine variegated and some culms are green yellow with green lines. Later they can get some nigra coloration. It was a gift from Mr. Kiyoshi to 'Bamboo Garden'. Height 6-10 m., sun till half shadow, hardy between -16/-20°C. Maybe more. Available: 5 liter 85 euro
Phyllostachys rivalis. (picture right) This smal Phyllostachys is growing only till about 3-4 meters with straight canes. It can survive for some time in water. Available: 5 liter 65 euro
Sasa kurilensis 'Anouk' (picture left) Handsome variegated form with mostly yellow stripes. We find it in 'Kiakebono' . Available June: 5 liter 75 euro.
Sinobambusa rubroligula `Bicolor` (picture right) 3 till 4 meters, hardy till -15 °C. Maybe more. Beautiful coloured canes, yellow with green sulcus. Available: 5 liter 65 euro
Sinobambusa tootsik var. laeta (picture left) The green form. 6 till 12 meters tall. Available 5 liters 45 euro
Shibataea strigosa (picture right) 3 liter 35 euro
Shibatea NB2012 (picture left) 5 liters 35 euro
Yushania (Fargesia, Borinda) shangrilaensis (Demoly) (picture right) Handsome. 5 liter 75 euro
Yushania angustifolia (seedlings wil be available in June) 
The following newer species will be available and can be reserved.. 
Les nouveaux espèces suivants seront disponibles et peuvent être réservés
Die folgende neuere Arten sind verfügbar und können reserviert werden.
De volgende nieuwere soorten zullen beschikbaar zijn en kunnen gereserveerd worden.
Drepanostachyum scandens (=Ampelocalamus scandens) (picture above left) Semi-climbing species. Height between 5-15m. half shadow (hardy between 0/-8°C.) In a 5 liter pot the plant on this picture left the nursery in the beginning of this century for "La Bambusaie du Guillaume" on Reunion . In the summer of 2016 Mr. Alexandre Perrrussot showed us this plant in his garden. Available: 5 liter 45 euro
Drepanostachyum scandens CHB03.ch10. is more hardy (hardy between -8/-15°C) Available: 5 liter 45 euro
Fargesia denudata 'Leda' (pictute right) A part of the culms are variegatet. A smal part will be green and these canes can be removed. Shade. 
Available: 5 liter 55 euro
Fargesia nitida 'Jürgen' (Gansu A) (picture left) A small fairy tale bamboo, growing like fargesia nitida 'Volcano' but more delicate. Gansu-seedling. For me a very special clone. Available: 5 liter 35 euro
(Bild rechts) Ein kleines Bambus wie aus ein Märchen. Wächst wie Fargesia nitida "Volcano", aber zarter. Gansu-Sämling. Erhältlich. Leverbaar: 5 liter 35 euro
Fargesia sp. Jiuzhaigou B1 (foto rechts) bamboe met smaragd groene bladeren en een redelijk opgaande groei. De groene halmen verkleuren in de zon naar diepgeel. Net als B2 (Deep Purple) rolt het blad van deze kloon weinig. Deze vorm is, samen met B2, een aantal jaren geleden als veel belovende bamboe uit een groep van Jiuzhaigou zaailingen geselecteerd. Op een zonnige standplaats laat Fargesia sp. Jiuzhaigou B1 zien een eigen plek in het Fargesia sortiment te verdienen. Hoogte 2-3 m.+ zon tot schaduw (dan minder kleurrijk) winterhard tussen -20/-25°C. Leverbaar: 5 liter 35 euro
Fargesia sp. Jiuzhaigou B1 (Bild rechts) Starke Bambus mit smaragdgrünen Blättern und einem ziemlich aufrechter Wuchs. Die grünen Halmen farben sich in der Sonne zu dunkelgelb. Wie B2 (Deep Purple) rollt das Blatt von diese Klon sich wenig. Diese Form ist vor einige Jahren, zusammen mit B2, als vielversprechende Bambus aus einer Gruppe von neue Jiuzhaigou Sämlinge gewählt. An einem sonnigen Standort sieht man warum Fargesia sp. Jiuzhaigou B1 seinen eigenen Platz in der Fargesia Bereich verdient. Höhe 2-3 Meter+. Sonne bis Schatten Winterhärte zwischen -20/-25°C. Verfügbar: 5 liter 35 euro
Fargesia sp. Jiuzhaigou B1 (picture right) Strong bamboo with emerald green leaves and a reasonably upright growth. The green culms fade in the sun to a deep yellow. Like B2 (Deep Purple) this clone rolls it’s leaf nearly. Together with B2, is was selected some years ago as a promising bamboo out of a number of new Jiuzhaigou seedlings. On a sunny spot Fargesia sp. Jiuzhaigou B1 shows that it deserves its own place in the Fargesia range. Height 2-3 m.+ Sun to shade (or less colorful) hardy -20 / -25 ° C. Available: 5 liter 35 euro
Fargesia sp. Jiuzhaigou B1 (photo de droite) Un bambou avec des feuilles vert émeraude. Les chaume vertes changer dans le soleil au jaune profond. Comme B2 (Deep Purple) cette bambou roule les feuilles seulement un petit peux. B1 est trouver, avec B2, dans un groupe des jeunes semis de Jiuzhaigou. Sur un endroit ensoleillé Fargesia sp. Jiuzhaigou B1 montre sa place dans la gamme Fargesia. Hauteur 2-3 m. + Soleil à l'ombre (moins coloré) -20 / -25 °C. Disponible: 5 liter 35 euro
Fargesia nitida x murieliae ‘Schensbossen’ (boven links) (nitida (Neufeld) x murieliae Zeer krachtige zaailing met dikkere halmen en een lichter groen als bladkleur. Dit is de sterkste Fargesia nitida zaailing, die ik ken. Hoogte tussen 3-5 m.+. Zeer winterhard en weinig blad rollend, zon tot halfschaduw winterhard tussen -20/-25°C. Door de los zittende en snel afvallende schutbladen behoort deze soort, wat wolluis betreft, tot de minst gevoelige Fargesia's. leverbaar: 5 liter 55 euro
F. nitida (Neufeld) x murieliae ‘Schensbossen’ (oben links) Sehr kräftig wachsende Hybride Sämling. Hat dickeren Halmen und ein tiefes grün als Blattfarbe. Wie die alte Fargesia murieliae von Wilson gut wintergrün. Die stärkste Sämling der ich kenne. Höhe zwischen 3-5 m. +. Sehr robust und wenig Blattroll, Sonne bis Halbschatten, Winterhärte zwischen -20/-25°C.Die Hüllblätter fallen schnell und dadurch ist diese Sorte sehr wenig empfindlich für Schmierläuse. Lieferbar: 5 liter 55 euro
F. nitida (Neufeld) x murieliae ‘Schensbossen’ (picture above left) Powerful seedling with thicker culms and a light green leaf color. The strongest seedling I know. Height between 3-5 m. +. The leaves are rolling less in the winter than many other F. nitida. Sun to partial shade and hardy between -20 / -25 ° C. The loose and fast fading culmsheats of this species makes the plant not very sensitive for mealy bugs. Available: 5 liter 55 euro
Fargesia nitida "Songpan 3 (picture right) is different from Songpan 2 but it is also a dwarf. This fairly upright growing smal leaved dwarf will not easy exceed the height of 150-200 cm. It is somewhat a look alike of Fargesia murieliae "Bimbo" but it differs in its more open growing habit and a much better resistance to mealybugs. It grows best on a semi sunny spot or even shade on a loose fertile and not to dry soil. Leverbaar, Lieferbar, Available: 5 liter 35 euro
Phyllostachys aurea 'Eyaragues' (Albovariegata Bernard') (picture left) Beautiful variegated. Height 3-5 m. sun till half shadow. This mutation is found in a green plant. Height 3-5 m.+ sun till half shadow hardy between -14/-20°C. Available: 5 liter 85 euro.
Pseudosasa sp. Charles. ( picture right ) Maybe related to Pseudosasa amabilis. Strong very upright-growing bamboo. Looks like Sem. fastuosa but is much more elegant. Heigth 5-8 m. +, sun till shadow, frost resistant between -15 and -18°C . An impressive newcomers for a not too cold climat .
Available: 5 liter 45 euro
The following new species are not yet available. 
Les nouvelles espèces suivantes ne sont pas disponibles maintenant.
Die folgenden neuen Arten sind noch nicht verfügbar.
De volgende nieuwe soorten zijn nog niet beschikbaar.
Chusquea tenuiflora (picture left) Not available
Chusquea sclerophylla (picture right) Not available
Fargesia nitida x murieliae Big leaved form (picture above left) with big leaves, still without a name. Not available.
Fargesia murieliae 'Green Lion' (picture above left) with dense leaves till the ground. Not yet available
Fargesia murieliae (no name yet) (picture above right) Promising,upright growing seedling Fargesia murieliae seedling from China that does not rolls it's leaves (picture above right), Niet leverbaar. Nicht lieferbar. Not available.
Fargesia nitida "Songpan 2 Not yet available but very interesting because of the smal size. (picture right) After 6 year this healthy bamboo is not much higher than 1 meter but in with it is more than 1 meter This not running Fargesia will be probably available in 2020. Niet leverbaar. Nicht lieferbar, Not available
Fargesia rufa 'Little Red' (picture left) This picture I took in ''Bamboo Garden'', Portland.
Fargesia ‘Rufa’ Variegate form (photo right) Available 2021.
Phyllostachys aurea 'Dr Don' (picture left) This picture I took in Bamboo Garden, Portland.
Phyllostachys rubicunda (Yellow variegated leaves) (picture right) This beautiful variegeted Phyllostachys I have got from Hans Prins. We discouvered it after it had flowerd. After 3 years of selecting It seems to be stable. Available: 2021
Pleioblastus hindsii (picture left) Last but not leased the true hindsii. Available 2021. 
Pleioblastus ovatoauritus (picture right) upright bamboo with long internodes. Available 2021
Sarocalamus racemosus (as Yushania sp CHB02.B1) (picture left) Curious dwarf species from Bhutan that does not belong to Yushania but Sarocalamus. It makes real rhizomes!! Available in June 2020. Sarocalamus faberi (Bashania fangiana) is available now. 3 liter 45 euro.
Semiarundinaria sinica ( picture right ) very upright growing species. Available 2021.